Top 10 bank exams in India

Top 10 Bank Exams in India

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Top 10 Bank Exams in India

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The banking industry has always been the prime and most inspiring field for commerce aspirants. Not just now. The banking field has always had a great capture on the lives of people. Every commerce student wants a settled career in the banking industry however, we must take qualifying exams for this opportunity. Some people attempt the best bank exams in India to check their ability and interest; once they get it, they can try it as often as they want.

Every year lakhs of students take bank exams, and just a few can qualify. There are no such age restrictions for banking exams; you can give them even after age 65. Various banks open their gateways, provide vacancies, and conduct exams for these seats. The competition is initially high. Only a few candidates will be shortlisted. The bank exams are tough, and some aspirants can make it through the finals. But you can qualify for the exam with better and more intense preparation.

There are various best and top bank exams in India to try out your destiny. In this article, we will provide information about the best bank exams in India and what kind of preparation you can qualify for in these top banking exams in India. 

Top 10 Exams in India for Banking

Banking has always been a vast and entirely flourished field of occupation worldwide. Various top bank exams in India are held every year, and lakhs of people appear in these examinations. The State Bank of India and the Institute of Banking Personal Selection are responsible for organizing these top banking exams in India. Every year various best bank exams in India occur so that all vacancies can be filled with knowledgeable people. Some of the top banking exams in India:


SBI PO is one of the top bank exams in India. Many aspirants compete for this vacancy as it is one of the most wanting and desirable positions in the Banking field. It is conducted every year by the SBI. The exam pattern of SBI PO includes three levels – prelims, mains, and personal interviews. Every examination is objectively based. The competition for the PO exam is relatively high. However, the exams are comparatively tough. 

2. SBI Clerk

The SBI Clerk examination also comes as the best bank exam in India. It is conducted annually for the Junior Associate and Clerical Cadre Post position. The competitive level of the examination is relatively high but can be achieved with better preparation. The exam will focus on two levels – prelims and mains examination. Mains examination is considerably more arduous than the preliminary examination.


It is the best banking exam in India, conducted under the guidance of IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection). The examination is to adhere to the position of Prohibitory Officer. The study is conducted in online mode and is multiple-choice based. The exam has three levels – prelims, mains, and interviews. All the syllabus was provided to the students right before the conduction of the exam.

4. IBPS Clerk

IBPS conducts one of the best bank exams in India for the vacancy of Clerical Cadre, which is conducted in three stages – prelims, mains, and interviews. It is a high personnel exam. The mains are more challenging than prelims as they contain reasoning ability, general and banking awareness, and computer aptitude.

5. IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1

This is the top banking exam in India, which is conducted every year for the position of regional and rural bank officers. It is one of the leading bank exams in India in which thousands of people try out their luck. It is conducted online and offline, but the interview is conducted offline.

6. IBPS RRB Office Assistant

IBPS conducts this annual examination for the clerk position in Regional Rural banks. It has two stages – prelims and mains examination. The RRB Office Assistant plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of bank management. It is omitted every year, and various students take this examination. It is quite a famous and top bank exam in India.

7. RBI Grade B Officer

Almost every banking aspirant wants to qualify RBI Examination. RBI is a renowned organization, and every vacancy RBI gives contains excellent hype. RBI conducts the top bank exams in India every single year, and these top banking exams in India help to provide an opportunity for aspirants to get a decent job in RBI. The examination has three levels- prelims, mains, and interviews. This competition is relatively high; hence, you need good preparation to qualify.

8. RBI Office Assistant

RBI conducts these top bank exams in India to recruit clerical and cadre positions annually, and many students take this exam. It is one of the best bank exams in India and is considered an excellent job. The examination has two stages – prelims examinational and mains examination.


IBP is one of the top ranks in IBPS, and it is conducted for the position of agriculture field officer or market / HR officer. The top bank exams in India have three stages – prelims examination, mains examination, and interview. The syllabus and all the essential details were provided on the IBPS’s official website. The exam is objectively based and consists of 150 questions.

10. Nabard

Every year, the top bank exam for the post of rural development banking services is held in India, which is conducted in three grades – Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C. However, every step is for different services, such as grade A includes services of protocol and security, grade B is for development banking services, and grade C is for office attendant. The top bank exams in India occur in three levels- prelims examination, mains examination, and interview.

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Tips for Top Bank Exams in India

Undoubtedly, official organizations conduct top bank exams in India every year. However, having suitable qualifications for these top banking exams in India is necessary. Some tips for the exams are provided below:

  1.   Make a proper timetable before starting your preparation
  2.   Practice a suitable plan and set your time according to your exam dates.
  3.   Cover all the topics before someday so you’ll have time for revision.
  4.   Practice all the essentials and sample paper for better practice.
  5.   Go for all the material you find offline and online.  


The banking field is considered one of the most honorable and secure occupations. It provides good earnings to the people. If you are interested in banking, there are various top bank exams in India where you can qualify with good practice. The banking field is full of monetary benefits and even helps achieve a life status.

Top 10 Bank Exams in India – FAQs

Which top bank exams in India have the highest salary?

Ans. The salary of a PO is considered the highest among all. Banks offer about 28000 INR with benefits and increments. However, most of the POs are likely to receive a compensation of around 28k, although the amount of compensation may vary across different banks.

How can anyone prepare for top bank exams in India?

Ans. The banking field is competitive. However, the top bank exams in India are challenging. The student must prepare according to the requirements to avoid confusion at the last moment. The first step for any preparation is to understand the syllabus and all the necessary details before you start working. Various online sites provide studying material through which you can prepare for all the things. You can practice sample papers and mock tests launched yearly before the examination. All you need to do is to stay focused during the preparation.

Which subject is the toughest in banking?

Ans. The reasoning portion of the baking examination is considered the toughest. It contains all the questions related to banking awareness and current affairs. It is the most challenging portion as it needs lots of studying. Another difficult portion is computer aptitude. The students who have common knowledge of computers need help to qualify.

What are the top 4 banks in India?

Ans. The top 4 banks in India are HDFC Bank, State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, and Punjab National Bank. 

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