How to Block HDFC Credit Card

How to Block HDFC Credit Card

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How to Block HDFC Credit Card

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There has been an unprecedented increase in credit card fraud and theft in recent years. Online banking fraud has increased to Rs 1.85 lakh crore in FY 2020, 29% more than the previous financial year. A large portion of these figures account for credit card fraud. If your credit card is ever lost or stolen, immediately apply to the Bank and get the old credit card closed. In such difficult times, consumers must be know how to block HDFC credit cards highly conscious of the precautions they need to take to safeguard their money. 

HDFC Credit Card customers have instant access to the reporting mechanism to report fraud, theft, or suspicious transactions on their credit cards to the Bank. It allows the Bank to freeze the card immediately and reduce card misuse.

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3 Ways to Block HDFC Credit Card

There are three ways you can block HDFC credit cards. Let’s discuss this in detail

How to Block HDFC Credit Card Through Phone Banking?

To block HDFC credit cards through phone banking, you must have the card number, customer ID or PIN, and TIN (telephone identification number) to access your account. You can call the following numbers for phone banking services when every necessary detail is ready.

  • Customers in Ahmedabad, Delhi & NCR, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune, and Mumbai can call 61606161.
  • Customers in Chandigarh, Indore, Lucknow, Jaipur, and Kochi can call 6160616.
  • While dialing the number, put the STD code of the concerned city first.

How to Block HDFC Credit Card by Net Banking?

The most convenient way to block credit cards is through HDFC Net Banking services. To block a credit card, you should follow the steps shown below:

  • Go to the official portal of the Bank.
  • You Log in to the net banking account using your login credentials.
  • Go to the ‘Credit Card’ option.
  • On the left side, you will find the ‘Credit Card Hotlisting’ option. Click on Options.
  • It will be displayed A list of credit cards.
  • Click on the card to get hotlisted.
  • Enter the reason for hotlisting.
  • If you want to reissue the card, select the appropriate option.

How to Block an HDFC Credit Card by Visiting Bank Branch?

For customers unfamiliar with net banking and who have yet to register for phone banking, the best way to block a credit card is to visit the nearest HDFC branch and follow the procedure below.

  • Download the application form online or collect the state from the branch.
  • Complete the application form and the required details.
  • Submit the duly filled form to the branch for necessary work.

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How to Unblock Your HDFC Credit Card?

Contact HDFC Credit Card customer care at 1860-267-6161 to request unblocking the credit card. The official website of HDFC lists customer care center phone numbers for different cities.

If the Bank has disabled your card due to excessive spending or unpaid loans, you can get it unblocked. Do not attempt to unblock your credit card if it has been stolen or lost. The official website of HDFC lists customer care center phone numbers for different cities. If the Bank has disabled your card due to excessive spending or unpaid loans, you can get it unblocked.

Things to Keep in Mind While Blocking Your HDFC Credit Card

These are the few things to keep in mind while blocking the HDFC credit card:

  • Permanent blocking of the card amounts to the winding up of the card. In such cases, examine the unbilled and billed transactions for unsure transactions.
  • If any EMI will be currently running on the credit card, then alternate arrangements have to be made for EMI. If you decide to re-issue the credit card, the EMI will be linked with the new re-issued credit card.
  • If any ECS is linked to your credit card, the customer must contact the legatee and get the ECS unlinked with the credit card.
  • Clear all the outstanding debt on the credit card. In case of a new issue of the credit card, the forfeit will be transferred to the new link credit card.

How to Protect Your HDFC Bank Credit Card from Fraud and Theft? 

With modern technology providing better consumer facilities, fraud, and theft have increased simultaneously. Credit card users must always be alert to notice any suspicious activity on their credit cards and report it to the Bank immediately. Although HDFC Bank has various channels to report loss, theft, and misuse of their credit cards and block them, users have to follow a ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach to protecting their interests. Here are the simple methods followed by all credit card users to protect their credit cards –

1. Follow security precautions while shopping online with a credit card

As online shoppers increase dramatically, scammers have moved online to capture cards. Clicking on random sites asking for credit card information could be better. These URLs may appear authentic, but they are phishing, an illegal way to obtain personal information. Keep in mind that credit card companies and financial institutions will never ask for such information on the Internet. Additionally, when logging into your bank or credit card account,

2. Take care to keep your card safe

Keep your credit cards in your wallet or handbag, keeping them close to your body and preventing them from being easily grabbed. Purchasing just a few credit cards rather than multiple credit cards is safer. After paying for your transaction, return the card as soon as possible.

3. Never share sensitive card information with anyone.

One of the most prevalent methods used by credit card fraudsters is to pose as a customer service representative and obtain personal information from the cardholder. Giving your credit card number or other personal information over the phone should be done cautiously. Banks or financial institutions will only ever call you and ask for this information. If you need to contact your credit card customer service, use the helpline numbers on your card’s back. Don’t just use a number you found in your online search.

4. Be constantly alert

Check your monthly credit card bill thoroughly. Check your credit card statement for any discrepancies, unusual expenses, or transactions, and report them to your credit card company. In case of theft or fraud, notify it immediately to avoid paying for any purchases made with the card. Also, sign up for SMS and email notifications for all credit card transactions. As a result, you will be notified when someone tries to use your card fraudulently, enabling you to take necessary security measures and block your card immediately.

Along with many benefits, a credit card provides you with some much-needed credit. It is a type of unsecured loan that is given without any collateral or security. It is ideal for salaried employees who want to do most of their monthly spending through credit cards and want to save with better discounts and cashback. However, users must take all precautions to keep their credit cards and information safe to avoid falling victim to any scam or fraud.


You can close an HDFC Credit Card by accessing the parent website of HDFC Bank, calling the customer care number, or by filling out a form and sending it to the Chennai HDFC office.  The process is simple, in details have to be provided. Visit your nearest HDFC Bank branch and get the HDFC Credit Card closure form. You can also find the HDFC credit card closure form online on the official website. Fill out the form appropriately and take care of any excessive charges you may have to bear, such as foreclosure charges.

Closing an HDFC credit card may affect your credit score. It can reduce your total available credit, increase your credit utilization ratio, and reduce the average age of your credit accounts. The specific impact will depend on your overall credit history and utilization. Evaluating the potential impact on your credit score before closing a credit card is essential. You can also complete a credit card by sending a written request to the issuer. You need to mention all the details of the credit card you want to cancel and send it to the main authorities of the credit card issuer by ordinary post or registered post.

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