Best Cashless Health Insurance Policies in India

10 Best Cashless Health Insurance Policies in India

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10 Best Cashless Health Insurance Policies in India

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If someone falls ill and has to spend for the treatment of his illness, then the insurance company helps in ensuring the medical expenses. Under the health insurance company, the best cashless health insurance policies in India company confirm that the insured person gets a specific policy in exchange for the Premium. I will pay the amount—funds to meet the expenses of medical treatment for a particular disease.

Best Cashless health insurance plans are policies that provide medical coverage to policyholders without having to pay upfront for their medical expenses during hospital treatment. Under these plans, the policyholder can receive medical treatment at a network hospital without having to spend the money for the medicine himself, up to the sum insured by the policy. Subject to the terms and conditions of the procedure, the insurer settles the bills directly with the hospital.

Although the benefits of subscribing to such a policy are manifold, choosing the best cashless health insurance and finding the best cashless health insurance can be a daunting task. Some monthly healthcare expenses are covered under most health insurance schemes in India, which cover the cost of taking care of the patient before and after admission to the hospital.

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Top 10 Best Cashless Health Insurance Policies in India 2023

These are the 10 best cashless health insurance policies in India which we have collected information for you from different banks:

1. CICI Lombard Health Care Plus

ICICI Lombard Health Care Plus is a health insurance policy that comes with 7,800+ cashless healthcare providers. With benefits like free health checkups every year, wellness programs, discounted premiums, etc., it is considered to be one of the best cashless medical-claim policies in India. Lombard Health Care Plus is also called the best cashless medi-claim policy for families in India.

It has more than 4058 hospitals in its cashless network. It is also flexible when it comes to sum-assured figures. ICICI Lombard Health Insurance is a highly preferred policy because it gives you results within three hours.

‌The waiting period is 4 years in a forward situation
‌Age 20 years is the minimum age to be eligible for the policy.
‌Minimum Premium Starting from 10.09 per day (for age 20 years at the time of policy issue).


‌Sum Insured Up to 6lakh for Mediclaim policy


2. HDFC ERGO Cashless Health Insurance Policies

Which is the best health insurance in India? If you are looking for the answer to the question. In that case, you can always consider HDFC (Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited) ERGO Optima Restore Health Insurance Plan as a viable option in this Context. HDFC ERGO has a network of over 14000 cashless hospitals and has multiple plans for individuals, families, senior citizens, and others. The policy offers various benefits, including uninterrupted medical coverage with recovery benefits, lifetime renewability, multiplier benefits, and return of sum assured. It is a highly commended plan among the best cashless medical claim policies available in India.

‌waiting period NA
‌Age: 18 years to 65 years
‌Minimum Premium Starts from 19 per day


‌Sum Assured 5 lakh to 2 crore


3. Health Plan

Care Health Insurance Plan offers a wide range of benefits and features to policyholders with over 21,000 cashless healthcare Providers. If you choose the sum insured of Rs 50 lakh and 75 lakh in this policy, then you will also get maternity coverage of up to Rs 1.5 lakh.

It is an inherent part of the policy; if you claim more than the sum insured, the company will automatically recharge the amount if you go five consecutive years without making any claim on the policy.

Some of its best cashless health insurance plans include family floater, youth health insurance, senior citizen health insurance, and critical illness coverage.

‌ Waiting Period






90 days Minimum entry age


‌Minimum Premium


Varies as per the plan


‌Sum Assured


Rs. 2.5Lakh to Rs. 6 Crore


4. Navi Health Insurance

With its comprehensive coverage, unique benefits, and affordable monthly premiums, Navi Health Insurance is an excellent choice for individuals and families looking for the best cashless mediclaim policy in India. Insured members can enjoy 20 minutes of cashless treatment up to 1.1 crore across over 11,000 network hospitals and enjoy 100% hospital bill cover, including consumable expenses, with no sub-limit on room rent charges.

The policies come with a 100% app-based and paperless process and affordable premiums, starting from only 234 per month, making it an ideal option to cover medical emergencies and planned hospitalizations alike.

‌Waiting period Minimum one year (terms and conditions apply).


‌Age 90 days to 70 years


‌Sum Assured



Up to Rs.1 Crore
‌Minimum Premium


Rs. 234 per month


 The policy covers 100% of hospital bills (no sub-limit on room rent charges; even consumables are covered.

5. India Assurance Cashless Health Insurance Policy

New India Assurance is a leading health insurance provider in India, offering a range of health insurance policies, including the best cashless health insurance policies. These policies allow customers to avail of cashless medical treatment at network hospitals across India without paying upfront.

‌ Waiting period


Varies by plan




Varies as per the plan


‌Sum Assured


Varies as per plan.


‌Minimum Premium


Varies according to plan.


6. Allianz Health Family Flatter

If you are looking for the best comprehensive cashless insurance plan, then this is what you should go for. This plan offers you a sum assured between Rs 6 lakh and Rs 49 lakh. This plan provides 59 days of pre-hospitalization coverage and 90 days of post-hospitalization coverage.

 With this policy, you will be able to avail yourself of the facility of cashless treatment in more than 5,000 empaneled hospitals across the country.

The policy offers a number of benefits, including lifetime renewability, portability, preventive health checkups, and hassle-free claim settlement.

7. Aditya Birla Cashless Health Insurance Policy

Aditya Birla’s Cashless Health Insurance Policy offers cashless medical treatment to policyholders in case of hospitalization at any of its 10,051+ network hospitals. Other benefits include comprehensive health checkups, cashless home remedies, premium waivers, no-claim bonuses, discounted premiums, and more.

‌Waiting period


30 days


Varies with different plans
‌Sum insured


Starts at 4 lakh


‌Minimum Premium


2,446 per year


8. Apollo Munich Optima Restore Health Insurance

It comes with many attractive features that make it a good choice among health insurance policies. Optima Restore offers 100% restoration benefits, complimentary health checkups, daily hospital cash, and more. 

‌Waiting period.


Within 31 days in case of emergency hospitalization; 1 to 3 years for other conditions


6 years to 66 years


‌Sum Assured


5 lakh to 50 lahks


‌Minimum Premium


Starts from 25 per


9. Niva Bupa Health Insurance

Niva Bupa Health Insurance is one of the best cashless health insurance in India that offers a range of comprehensive health insurance plans that ensure that medical emergencies will not disrupt the life plans of policyholders and families.

Waiting period


31 days (2 to 6 years for pre-existing conditions)


‌Age 19 years to 65 years



‌Sum insured 3 lahks to 46 lahks



‌Minimum Premium


Varies as per age and sum assured

10. Reliance Cashless Health Insurance Policy

Reliance Health Gain Insurance, offered by Reliance General Insurance, provides comprehensive coverage for medical expenses. It comes with many benefits, including restoration of sum assured, cumulative bonus, additional sum guaranteed, and more.

 With a network of 8600+ cashless hospitals, the policy offers a cashless claim period of 6 days. Reliance Health Gain Insurance is a reliable and convenient solution to your health care needs.

‌The waiting period



is 30 days, 16 days for COVID-19 treatment, and 2 to 3 years for other pre-existing conditions.
‌Age 6 years to 65 years; Minimum entry age may vary as per the scheme.
‌Sum insured



Starts at 3 lakh (Varies with the plan)
‌Sum insured starts at 3 lakh




Cashless health insurance helps in emergencies. With a cashless facility, you can get the assurance that your savings won’t be worn out to meet the medical expenses. Also, you will be able to run around looking for loans to pay the hospital charges.

When you or someone from your family is in the hospital, your cashless health insurance campaign takes the responsibility of reducing the burden of your hospital bills and ensuring that you pay the hospital directly.

When you take a health plan from a standard health insurance company, you can avail the facility of instant admission to any private hospital anywhere in India.  

10 Best Cashless Health Insurance Policies in India

How does cashless health insurance work for the future?

Ans. Cash-less health insurance plans are popular in India as they allow policyholders to receive hospital treatment without having to pay for services out of their pocket.

What are the benefits given by cashless health insurance?

Ans. As per the provisions of the Income Tax Act, an individual can demand tax deductions on the premiums paid for health insurance policies.

What documents are required for health insurance?

Ans. These are the documents required for health insurance:

  • Discharge certificate.
  • Diagnosis reports.
  •  Claim form duly filled.
  • Copy of FIR.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Valid ID proof.

How does easy payment work in health insurance?

Ans. The policyholder has to buy a health insurance policy, fill out a form, and submit some essential KYC documents.

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